Models are built in the 20-sim Editor. This Editor contains a large model library with building blocks to help you to construct models. The library contains Block Diagrams, components, bond graphs and a combination of these.


In the 20-sim Simulator you can run models and show the results as plots and 3D animations. 20-sim has advanced simulation algorithms which allow you to run models very fast and accurate.


You can analyse your models using a number of toolboxes. The Time Domain Toolbox allows you to run models while varying the parameters and find optimal values. The Frequency Domain Toolbox can be used to linearise models and inspect their behaviour in the frequency domain.


20-sim is open. It fully supports FMI allowing you to exchange models with other packages. You can export models directly to Simulink or as c-code for the use on hardware like PLC's, PC's and embedded systems.

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