problem with energy variables created

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problem with energy variables created

Post by bendesarts » Mon Oct 13, 2014 2:32 pm


If I'm not mistaken, the variables linked to the energy total_dissipation_energy, total_source_energy, total_storage_energy don't give a result after having launched the "check energetic behaviour" function (Perhaps, it is me who makes a bad manipulation). However, I have also tried with a simple model (mass and spring) and I haven't also some result.

1) Thank you to give me you feedback on this point (no result on these energetic variables)

2) Moreover, in mechanical system, we need the d/dt (kinetic energy) to apply the energy theorem on a system. Once these variables are available, how could I do to obtain the differentiate of the total_storage_energy (which I suppose is the kinetic energy in a mechanical system, I will test in a simple model before). Indeed, for these variables added with the "check energetic behaviour" function, I can plot them but I don't know how to declare these variables to use them in a model to make some calculation.

Thanks a lot for your help

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