Collaborative Design for Embedded Systems

The book, Collaborative Design for Embedded Systems, presents a novel approach for the co-design and co-simulation of embedded and cyber-physical systems. The book is a result of the EU-funded FP 7 project Destecs, in which Controllab has participated.


The book presents a framework that allows the very different kinds of design models – discrete-event (DE) models of software and continuous time (CT) 20-sim models of the physical environment – to be analyzed and simulated jointly, based on common scenarios. The individual chapters provide introductions to both sides of this co-simulation technology, and give a step-by-step guide to the methodology for designing and analyzing co-models. 

Download Software

You can download the software that is used in the bookby clicking here.


ISBN 978-3-642-54118-6

Please contact the Springer website for ordering this book.



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