Getting started with 20-sim

To get started with 20-sim you can download the free 20-sim Viewer:

  1. Download 20-sim
  2. Install 20-sim
  3. Start 20-sim and click Help - Getting Started.

Trial License

The 20-sim Viewer will show all the capabilities of the package but does not allow you to store models. If you want to really test the package, you can request a trial license:

  1. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view request a trial license


If you have tested 20-sim, and want to purchase the package:

  1. Contact Controllab or your local distributor for the price list.
  2. See which version you need.
  3. Ask Controllab or your local distributor for a quotation.
  4. Send Controllab or your local distributor an order for the software.


As soon as we have received the order:

  1. We will send you a license and instructions for installation.
  2. We will send you an invoice with instructions for payment.

If we do not receive payment, you will be sent a notice. If you fail to reply, the license will be terminated.



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