20-sim comes with a number of built-in toolboxes that help you to design and analyze models.

Time Domain Toolbox

The Time Domain Toolbox allows you to use Parameter sweeps, Optimization, Curve Fitting and more to to investigate and improve systems.

Frequency Domain Toolbox

With the Frequency Domain Toolbox you can linearize models to state space, build your own linear systems and show the frequency behaviour with bode plots and FFT's.

Control Toolbox

The Control Toolbox allows you to design feedback systems with a linear plant, controller and pre-filter. With a filter editor you can create your own linear filters according to your specifications.

3D Mechanics Toolbox

The 3D Mechanics Editor helps you to aasemble 3D models by dragging and dropping bodies, joints and other objects in a 3D workspace. The resulting model can be coupled with the standard 20-sim libary models.

Animation Toolbox

Simulation results in 20-sim can be shown as a movie using the 3D Animation Toolbox. Any variable of a 20-sim model can be connected to 3 dimensional objects to show animated output. 

Mechatronics Toolbox

The Mechatronics Toolbox contains the Motion Profile Wizard, the Cam Wizard and the Servo Motor Editor.

Scripting Toolbox

Scripting allows you to run tasks in 20-sim automatically using specialized scripting functions. With these functions you can open models, run simulations, change parameters, process the results and much more.

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