New: 20-sim 4.3.2

20-sim 4.3.2 has been released. This release contain a few enhancements and bugfixes:


  • Equation Editor: The equation editor has now a built-in auto-complete function. Type a few characters and then press TAB. Now a menu pops up that shows all known words of declared variables, functions, keywords, etc that correspond with the typed characters.
  • Library: extended the spindle model with a new "Pitch" implementation.


  • Quicker starting of the program with floating licenses.
  • Quicker starting of wizards.

You can download 20-sim 4.3.2 from this website.

High-Tech Systems 2013

On 24th and 25th of April 2013, Controllab will be present at High-Tech Systems 2013 in the Klokgebouw Eindhoven, the Netherlands. You can visit us at booth number 38, hall B.

High Tech Systems 2013 logo

High-Tech Systems focuses on the high-tech systems industry in all European areas with significant high tech roadmaps. It entails sectors and topics like advanced system engineering and architecture, precision engineering, mechatronics, high-tech components system design as well as advanced original equipment manufacturing (OEM).

With pleasure we would like to invite you to High-Tech Systems 2013 for free. You have to register before the 19th of April on the internet. Please give the entry code 586586.


Seminar HIL Simulation

On the 23rd of May 2012, Controllab and Bachmann will organize a Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation event. At this event live demonstrations will be given to help you experience how to get from concepts to real time hardware solutions. More information here.

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