New telephone number


As of July 1, 2014, Controllab has a new telephone number.
The new telephone number is +31 (0) 85 773 18 72 and is replacing +31 (0) 53 483 64 34.

Kindly update you records. We hope to serve you better with our new telephone system.


New: 20-sim 4.4

20-sim 4.4 has just been released! A major extension of 20-sim is the support of scriptingScripting allows you to run tasks in 20-sim automatically using specialized scripting functions. With these functions you can open models, run simulations, change parameters, process the results and much more. You can run your scripts from Octave and Matlab.

Scripting Bode PlotBode plot in Octave, generated with scripting from a 20-sim model.

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