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Date:       13 & 14 October 2015
Place:     RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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20-sim 4.5.2

20-sim 4.5.2 has been released. This build contains several improvements and bugfixes.

4.5.2 (build 5872, 29 June 2015)


  • C-Code generation: Combine multiple discrete system in code generation if the sample times are equal
  • C-Code generation: Arduino Target now generates proper Arduino Sketch (=Arduino project)
  • C-Code generation: Proper C-Code escaping for strings containing double quotes (")
  • 3D Animation: better handling of mouse during playback with multiple 3D Animation windows open
  • 3D Mechanics Editor: improved checking for invalid names
  • Undo buffer: improved performance
  • Scripting: added following functions: xxsim.simulator.start, xxsim.simulator.stop, xxsim.simulator.isSimulating
  • Scripting: possibility to change the value of a parameter during simulation
  • File save: Connections are now sorted on alphabet for better file comparison possibility
  • Model processing: More clear message if too many arguments are passed to a function
  • Model processing: Better message in case equations can not be sorted
  • Search function: also the global relations editor is now included in search


  • Windows XP: Shell extensions does not show 20-sim icon anymore due to stability issues and compatibility with 64-bit windows
  • Scripting: Scripting function "xxsim.model.setImplementations" and "destecs.setImplementations" now also works for hierarchical models
  • Scripting: function "xxsim.model.setImplementations" now also works for models with more than two implementations
  • Numerical values: Fixed an issue where the cursor would jump to a wrong location if clicking on the slider forward/backward
  • Simulation Plots: Fixed an issue where depending on the toggle state of a plot, that after saving the model the plots could disappear
  • C-Code generation: The duration of XXImpulse function now matches that with the 20-sim implementation
  • C-Code generation: Arguments of XXImpulse were missing a comma in some cases
  • C-Code generation: XXArcTangentHyperbolic function now calculates the correct function
  • Global variables: Better performance saving large model with global variables
  • 3D Animation video creation: Fixed an issue where the creation of the video could not be terminated
  • Library: Fixed and issue where update from library did not update the model. Happened only for models saved in 20-sim 4.5

Model updates

  • Library: Fixed an issue in one of the equations for the LoopFlushingValve library model

20-sim 4.5.3

20-sim 4.5.3 has been released. This build contains a bug fix for adding joints in the 3D mechanics editor.

4.5.3 (build 5904, 7 July 2015)

Bug fixes

  • 3D Mechanics Editor: Fixed: adding joints was not possible anymore due to the invalid name checks introduced in 4.5.2.

New! 20-sim 4.5

20-sim 4.5 has been released on November 12, 2014. Read all about this new version here.


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