20-sim 4.6.1

20-sim 4.6.1 has been released. This build is a maintenance release with the following fixes:

4.6.1 (build 6898, 8 April 2016)

General Improvements

  • Translation: Dutch add translations for untranslated items and improve some existing translations
  • Documentation: update element-wise power operator documentation: 20-sim also accepts a scalar
  • Documentation: fixed: adjoint(T) matrix description was wrong
  • New: added command line options to start 20-sim with a different scripting port:
  • Properties dialog: auto-select the name of the submodel instead of the description field


  • Fixed: processing of for ranges with variables used as index in the matrix

Interface Editor

  • Fixed: item focus and keyboard selection
  • Fixed: select the port name automatically when adding a new port


  • Fixed: masked library blocks like the MotionProfile wizard did not always update the 20-sim submodel
  • Hydraulics: Fixed: valve arrows in the icon pointed in the wrong direction

Code generation

  • Fixed: code generation for element-wise power
  • Fixed: code generation for matrix elements with variable indices
  • Fixed: XXExponent2 needs xx_logarithm_2 in Arduino and StandaloneFMU template
  • Fixed: StandaloneFMU: generated code did not compile with VS2010 (express)
  • Fixed: StandaloneFMU: Outputs/Unknown indices are wrong when the model contains vectors or matrices
  • Workaround: StandaloneFMU: VS201x compiler could hang while compiling models with many parameters (> 10000)
  • Added: StandaloneFMU: support for the 20-sim Table2D block (requires Python during code generation)


  • Disable certain right-click menu options during simulation that are not allowed

3D Animation

  • Fixed: occasional crash on mouse hover when updating a variable reference in the 3D animation properties

3D Mechanics Editor

  • Translation: fix diacritics characters
  • Fixed: selecting Camera Move mode, moves the camera without holding the left mouse button



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