20-sim 4.6.2

20-sim 4.6.2 has been released. This build is a maintenance release with the following fixes:

4.6.2 (build 7308, October, 5th 2016)

General Improvements

  • Fixed: Renaming submodel could fail in some rare occasions.
  • Fixed: In some occasions linearization of the model could influence the starting behaviour of the simulation model.


  • Feature: F2 on submodel now selects the submodel name, which allows quick rename of model.
  • Feature: tooltips with value are now also shown during simulation.
  • Fixed: Background image update now works better when a local path is used.
  • Fixed: Clicking on Print icon works again.
  • Fixed: Renaming a submodel with states, now leaves initial value intact.
  • Fixed: Tapping of a signal, starting close to a submodel with a long name (where name takes more space than icon) now works correctly.
  • Fixed: Updating of string parameter array now works better. In some occasions that first element would get the concatenation of all strings.
  • Fixed: Switching implementation of a submodel could incorrectly change equation code for variables that were paremeters in other implementation.
  • Fixed: now all free ports are shown in the editor, and not only the ones closest to the mouse click


  • Improvement: Better handling of global parameters and variables with a local scope.
  • Improvement: Global parameters that have no assigned value at any location now gives a warning message.
  • Fixed: A parameter that is used multiple times as initial value for an integral now works correctly.
  • Fixed: Using a double ddt function could crash 20-sim.

Interface Editor

  • Improvement: Port list is now shown on left side.
  • Improvement: Clicking on white space of radio button and checkboxes now works all right.

Linear System Editor

  • Fixed: panel resize now shows scrollbars again when needed.
  • Fixed: Linear system transfer to Matlab opens Matlab again in case it was closed.
  • Fixed: Delay time now works correctly in Eigen Frequency editor.

Filter Editor

  • Fixed: When a too high order was chosen, 20-sim could crash.

Code generation

  • Fixed: use of limit function in an expression now works correct. Parenthesis were missing around the expanded code for the limit function.
  • Fixed: EulerAngles.c in templates contained wrong function argument in function EulerAngles_EulYXZsFromRotationMatrix. EulOrdYXZr was used instead of EulOrdYXZs.
  • Fixed: String parameters are now correctly generated in generated C-Code.
  • Fixed: In some occasions 20-sim could crash on models containing a dependent state.
  • Fixed: Equations with matrix index on left side, could end up in Output Equations where it should not be.
  • Added VS2008, VS2010, VS2013 and VS2015 solutions to the C-Code template.


  • Fixed: use of limit function in an expression now works correct.
  • Fixed: FFT plot with pairwise input-output switched on could crash 20-sim.
  • Fixed: Running a model containing the EulerAngles.dll more than 1000 times could cause that the DLL could not longer be loaded.

3D Mechanics Editor

  •  Fixed: Icon representation for viewport now represent actual view.


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