20-sim 4.7.1

20-sim 4.7.1 has been released. This build is a maintenance release with the following fixes:



    Improved: Imported FMU submodels now show FMI documentation when pressing F1
    Model help did not open webpage URLs anymore


    Improved: Zooming with Ctrl+MouseWheel has now more intermediate steps
    Improved: Dissolve of a splitter should introduce an additional intermediate point in the new signal connection if it is located at a corner
    Fixed: port name tool-tips were not working anymore
    Fixed: FMI import: calculated fixed parameters should not be set
    Fixed: FMI import went wrong when the active model is stored in a read-only folder


    Fixed: static matrix index expressions did not longer work.


    Fixed: Non-existing STL files were continuously checked for, resulting in a lower FPS


    Fixed: early stop of a running simulation took multiple seconds on certain PCs


    New: Add support for Octave 4.2.2 and 4.4 (both x86 and x64 Windows)

Code Generation

    Fixed: C-code generation of encrypted submodels
    Fixed: unexpected rounding errors in generated double literals for certain integer values

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